A Collective of New Thought Congregations

PRIDE 2016

We have set a calendar for the 2016 PRIDE summer and for all those interested in walking in the Seattle PRIDE parade with us, please contact Randi Zard.


Collective continues to GROW!

For the last couple of months since the Seattle PRIDE parade, the newly formed Prays Well With Others collective has been growing!  We now have quarterly meetings and take on projects in the area to support as well as organize “church crawls” to each participating congregation.

Check out all we have been up to…

Prays Well With Others Seattle

The Seattle PRIDE parade on Sunday, June 28th was a wonderful showing of over 120 congregants, board members, staff and partners of over 7 PNW region New Thought congregations!

Attendance and exposure at the 2015 PRIDE parade and festival was estimated at over 8ook with many souls touched by our collective march!  Watch for more updates as this message carries far that all humans can PRAY WELL WITH OTHERS!

Watch for the hashtag #PraysWellWithOthers on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites!

Prays Well With Ohio

On June 7th, the Dayton Ohio Center for Spiritual Living marched in their local PRIDE parade wearing the newly created “Prays Well With Others” logo to great success!

What started as a local idea for the 9 collaborating PNW-based congregations has started to reach other states with the message that transcends almost any religious or spiritually-associated person or group, We ALL Pray Well Together!

Just see how much love, energy, enthusiasm and excitement that others shared in Ohio and we can’t wait to share it with our greater Seattle community on Sunday, June 28th 2015!


Circa 2015 from Center for Spiritual Living Seattle